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Sallyport Sword Dancers

The Sallyport Sword Dancers are a sword dance team, founded in 1969, who perform the traditional rapper and longsword dances of the North-East of England. The rapper sword dance tradition is one of taking the dance to the people, usually when they are trying to enjoy an otherwise undisturbed pint somewhere! Sallyport are at the heart of this tradition; the dance is at home in the pubs, and so are Sallyport. Of course, we also do our share of more cultural events, such as folk festivals, weddings, parties and miners' galas.

The traditional dances currently performed by Sallyport are those of Newbiggin, Winlaton, Beadnell, Murton and Swalwell. These dances each have a distinctive style and character, lending diversity to our repertoire. We also do Poppleton longsword.

We are based at the The Sun in Swallwell. We hold regular practices, approximately fortnightly, and new members are always welcome.